The sin must continue.

The inspiration felt good-

Shifting awake

I taste sticky vapors of the earth

I see violet eyes on the water and I reach in.

I recall the heat when August made us sweat.

Weather was great and there was lots of sunshine but you were causing me misery.

Because my desires didn’t agree with my needs or my addictions

and I tried so hard to discard you

toss you in that bin and

set myself free when it hurt too much to feel assailable.

Even if I was the only one who could see it

you could have jumped rope with my spilled entrails,

and I still

wouldn’t be at one with Jesus, forever and evermore.

For your anger is the world,

Is the reverence of seven billion screams-
Seven billion harpoons raised and ready

To silence the symphony
Of my un-beautiful sea.


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