my button down heart

I implore you…
Penetrate my creature

and love what is not disguised.

I implore you…
Be so anesthetized you could amputate from the knee down and still know happiness —you are beautiful; a drunk and handsome big bang theory.

I implore you…
make me your love and not your habit.

Could you do that? Could you get to the bottom of me?

Could you…
help me find my spleen? My vestry? My sputnik? My grotesque? My proviso?

My spirit is sagging off the hanger.
Will you tend to my button down heart

on a gentle cycle
single rinse
hang dry

like a gauze blouse you abuse simply by wearing?


8 thoughts on “my button down heart

  1. Poetry written by a poet that is noting but a good poem. This post is Infinitely beautiful and moving, like the Art by Vilhelm Hammershoi seen for the first time. It makes you see more and pay attention to the the things that aren’t really obvious. There is so much beauty in the richness of Vincents words ‘make me your love and not your habit.’ – I adore this verse, who could capture it better..? Sometimes all we need is to have somebody we chose from thousands and millions of others to truly know us – penetrate deep, dig deeper than others ever did and feel all that is there to be felt. Love me with the kind of love that you only know and KNOW me like the sound of your favourite song , like the painting hanging on your wall you’ve been staring at for last 20 years without ever doubting it’s awesomeness. Fascinating poetry that does not wait for admiration nor applouse – poetry that unites pleasure with truth.

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  2. Not quite the place to make a comment about this, but we used to chat on tumblr – I’m Kat (I think I was under canibiteyou/hellisothers) I hope all is well with you! And no worries at all if you can’t remember! 🙂

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